Experience the beauty of life and adhere to humanistic design
Publisher:adminTime:2019-11-25 14:46

Humanistic design is the crystallization of practicality and aesthetics

Yang Huibo, who has been engaged in interior design work for more than ten years, has participated in competitions such as the Nest Building Award, the Art 

Award, and Sohu Home Design and won awards. Years of design experience and work accumulation have made Yang Huibo constantly reflect on the 

significance of design and people, as well as design and life. Design is different from pure art, and it is not simply copying natural things, but rather aiming for 

functionality and incorporating aesthetic elements to create a pleasant feeling and create a beautiful way of life. The design concept based on this concept has 

made Yang Huibo appear more open and free in the design process, often with surprising highlights that break the norm.

Integration of Chinese and Western cultures, with a Shanghai style sentiment

The fusion of Chinese and Western elements creates a diverse fusion. This duplex villa case by Yang Huibo gives people a sense of overall harmony and richness 

upon closer inspection. The design incorporates modern minimalist, European, and Chinese design elements, weakening the vintage feel of classical design, 

making it more approachable and in line with modern aesthetics.

How many styles of home elements can you find in this living room? Bottle style railings, European style soft furnishings, Ming Dynasty furniture, and new 

Chinese style lighting fixtures control the proportion of elements, giving the living room a primary and secondary impression of the East and West, without 

feeling messy. The flexible combination of different elements abandons inherent formalism and reflects the high-level taste of the owner. 

The geometric style tile mosaic design combining dots, lines, and surfaces enlivens the calm and mature soft decoration atmosphere, adding a sense of 


Chinese style always appears perfectly: a background wall rich in ink painting imagery, a Chinese solid wood TV cabinet, and through color&flash& Flash; 

The unity of champagne gold allows for harmonious coexistence of Chinese and Western elements.