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    Alote's culture "Reliability and Best service"

    The transparency of prices for conventional products is increasing, requiring new specifications and operating profits for new products


    The entire series of products are market trend products, with multiple and prominent selling points, and a large profit margin for operation

    The entire series of products has a certain scarcity attribute, and there is a significant gap in scarce products

    Consumer upgrading, demand for aesthetic iteration, targeting the post-80s and post-90s generation


    Less tail goods and less capital occupation

    The whole series of ceramic tiles of awinner ceramic products have outstanding processing performance. Even one piece can be sold as processing lines.

    The characteristic of thin brick is the integration of wall and floor. The same brick can be pasted on wall, floor, kitchen and bathroom, living room, etc. For operators, inventory categories are reduced, and there are no longer interior walls and floor tiles. With the same inventory capital, you can stock more patterns and match more paving schemes.

    Improve the overall image of the exhibition hall and drive the sales of conventional products