Awinner's World of Design Journey
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The French are famous for their fashionable and trendy style, which has been around for centuries. Leading the development of the times as a leader in fields 

such as fashion, art, and luxury design.

What is the reason why France has become the big brother in the fashion industry and has stood firm for hundreds of years? All of this starts from the 19th 


The French, who are passionate about getting things done, have established their fashion status through two sports events

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, France launched the Art Nouveau movement, and their designs were characterized by luxury, serving the wealthy 

upper class. However, in the 1920s, with the rapid development of industry, the new art movement that was nostalgic for traditional handicrafts was eliminated 

by the times.

At the same time, the French people, who had experienced the trauma of war, realized that having a beautiful appearance in design was not enough when 

facing competition in foreign product trade. Practicality and connotation were the key principles, which gave rise to the Art Deco movement.

The most representative work of Decorationism is undoubtedly the work of modern graphic design master Cassander, and even Ford Motor is one of his clients. 

Later on, he also designed a logo for the well-known brand Yves Saint Laurent, yes, YSL, which is loved by girls.

Perhaps even Cassandle never thought that a commercial work that was once easy to come by would become a brand admired by countless young girls years 


The Art Deco movement reached its peak in the 1930s, a style that could satisfy the discerning aesthetic taste of the people of that time. It involved fields such 

as architecture, furniture, graphic design, and handicrafts, and also absorbed the essence of Mayan culture, Russian ballet stage art, and automotive 

craftsmanship, showcasing the arrogance and taste of the French people before truly entering industrial civilization.

Nowadays, French design is vastly different from the past, which was specifically designed to serve the upper class. The development in the fields of architecture, 

fashion, industry, and graphic design has not only penetrated into the daily lives of the general public, but can also be described as diverse and diverse, 

each with its own unique strengths.

Next, Xiao Ou will talk to you about the shining designs in the history of French design.

Architectural design: one person influences an era

If you are an architect or designer, then you must know the pioneer master of modern architecture, Le Corbusier. After World War II, France benefited from the 

presence of this architectural master, who was on par with Gropius and Miesvandero, and was able to shoulder half of the sky of modernist architecture.

Le Corbusier, a famous 20th century architect and father of functionalism

His rich and varied works and passionate architectural philosophy have profoundly influenced the urban landscape of the 20th century and the lifestyle of 

contemporary people. 

From the early white series of villa buildings, Marseille apartments, to the Langham Chapel, from the renovation planning of Paris to the new city 

of Changal, from "Towards New Architecture" to "Model", his constantly changing architectural and urban ideas have led a new direction for the planning of 

post-war cities in France.

Marseille Apartments embodies Corbusier's concept of a new city, with 23 room types. The 7-8 floors are public spaces for shops and rest, just like a small city; 

The classic color scheme of Monterian makes the building appear lively and lively.

Moreover, the French government often leads large-scale design projects to showcase the greatness of the French nation, such as the glass pyramid in the 

Louvre and the Pompidou Art Center, which were representative architectural works of the time and became landmarks of Paris and even France.