Try these three types of bricks for kitchen decoration, and steadily throw them away from other people on 8 streets
Publisher:adminTime:2019-11-25 14:45

As the saying goes, "Golden Kitchen and Silver Bathroom" refers to a home where the kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive areas throughout the 

entire renovation process.

Not only that, the kitchen also puts a lot of effort into decoration. In addition to the early water and electricity renovation, a large number of ceramic tile laying, 

customized cabinets, and various kitchen appliances&hellip& Hellip; Various problems are time-consuming and laborious, making people feel overwhelmed.

If a well decorated kitchen achieves satisfactory results, but if you accidentally install a kitchen that looks both urban and rural, then you will only envy others in 

your heart.

So, when decorating the kitchen, one must not be impatient, and only by doing every step well can one become a winner. Today, Ou Xiaonuo will talk to 

everyone about how to make good use of tiles to decorate a high-end kitchen.

Classic small square bricks

As a classic white brick, it was widely used as early as the 1980s and 1990s. However, with the changes in living standards later on, small square bricks gradually 

faded out of people's sight.

Until the widespread popularity of Nordic style in recent years, there has been a resurgence of small square brick style in domestic decoration with a bit of 

artistic style or personal pursuit and preference. It is undeniable that all trends are cyclical.

Especially with the standard white small square bricks paired with black beautiful seams, it is simply a popular style in the decoration industry. In addition, 

with its internet celebrity temperament, any combination can create an irresistible and stunning feeling.